5 Reasons why web design is so important in Devon

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Affordable Website Design In North Devon

Have you ever heard us say how important it is to have a great website? We thought that answer may have been a yes. We are soul believers in no matter where your business is based, how big or small it is or how niche it maybe, you need a website in 2019. However we think it’s about time we back this statement up with 5 reasons why web design is so important in Devon.

Affordable & Fast Graphic & Web Design Barnstaple
Creative Tick is an affordable graphic and web design business for small to medium sized brands within Barnstaple, North Devon.

1. Your not the only one

No matter how niche your business or project maybe, there is more than likely another person out there doing the same thing as you. These competitors could be putting money into graphic and web design to put them ahead of the game, but why let your competitors reach the number one spot, when you could instead?

FACT: Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are by people wanting to find local information and businesses?

2. You can control the information

A website is like a fact file for new and current customers and clients. It is your online store front where you can showcase the very best of your brand. Sure reviews are great, but shouldn’t you have the last say on business information. With a website you don’t have to depend on other people speaking on your behalf. Oh and did we mention it can look exactly how you want it to?

FACT: 61% of all people who visit a website won’t even use it if it isn’t mobile friendly. That could be over half of all your website visitors just disappearing instantly.

Creative Tick creates affordable graphic and web design for North Devon
Creative Tick is an affordable graphic and web design business for small to medium sized brands within Barnstaple, North Devon.

3. It’s cheaper than other advertising options

Advertising on Yell, putting a advert on the radio or newspaper can all get expensive, and they don’t last forever… Your website is a one cost affordable fee, and it will keep going and going. You can keep it up to date with new information 24/7 and have piece of mind that your website is working for you 365 days a year, for just one small price.

4. It’s 2019! Your customers expect it

This really could have been the only reason on the list and it would have been enough to convince you on why you need a website. In today’s world, not having a fantastic website is a mistake. People want a fast, stress free experience. They want to get information quickly, so what happens if they can’t find this out? Chances are they will go to a competitors website instead, which could be losing you loads of money…

5. You never have to be closed again

Yes you heard us right. It’s time to open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But wait, you don’t have to work that many hours… Your website is your shop front, so even though you may not be awake at 4am, a lot of people are and even doing their shopping at that time. Having a place to sell your products allows you to take orders every single day around the clock and dramatically increase sales.

FACT: 51% of Brits said that they prefer to do their shopping online. That means you could be doubling your sales by having an eCommerce website.

So there we go, that’s why it’s important to have a website design in Devon in 2019. In fact, not just Devon but across the UK and world. The bottom line is, you need to be online and social media shouldn’t be your alternative to a website.

If you need fast and affordable web design services, we are always around to help you out today for less than you think.