3 ways to get more likes on your Facebook page

Getting a bigger audience on Facebook can be tough, but we’ve found 3 great ways to quickly and easily gain more likes on your page. Having more likes can improve your post reach, give your business more credibility and help with gaining new customers. Ready to expand your Facebook page? Here is how:

Advertise your page in Facebook groups

Advertising in Facebook groups that relate to your business can be really valuable. Your instantly connecting with people who enjoy your products or services already. It’s a great method of reaching out to potential customers who could be very interested in your brand.

Please be sure to check the group rules however, some Facebook groups do not allow you to promote your Facebook page in their groups, and it could get you banned, so just double check first.

Invite your Facebook friends

Everyone has at least a few friends on Facebook and if you have loads, you could be in luck. If you go onto your Facebook business page, and scroll across at the top to “Community” and click “Invite Friends” you can select the select all friends option, and it instantly invites all of your friends to like your page.

But if you want to go one step further you can ask your friends to do the same and then they could be inviting their friends too, before you know it you could be inviting 1000s of people to like your page. It’s quick, simple and completely FREE!

Cross promote your Facebook page on other platforms

Have you got a following on another social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter or Instagram? You can easily every once and a while create a post asking your existing followers to like your Facebook page, this can be a great boost and a new way to reach your customers on another social media platform.